Bett 2024

We are at the world’s largest education technologies fair. As the Indivitech team, we are excited to attend the Bett 2024 fair.

Personalized Technologies

Indivi Technology produces, designs, and maintains solutions focused on e-Learning applications.

A Team Specialized in Learning Software

Software experts who work precisely where, when, and in the way you need them most...

Feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to create an account for you. Alternatively, we can arrange a meeting to provide you with a brief demonstration.

What Do We Do?

You can look at our areas of expertise to learn more about how we can assist you, or you can contact us.

Digital Publishing

We are transferring your published materials, which are currently in print, to the digital environment, thereby offering a modern learning experience to the publishing world so far.

Enriched Books

The necessary platform software for enriching your books prepared for use in learning environments with content such as images, videos, audio, etc.

Online Exam

A platform designed for the quick and secure examination of students, trainees, and employees, and for providing reports afterwards.

Learning Objects

They are short, comprehensible learning contents created for preparing an interactive online learning environment.

Mobile Applications

For the mobile applications you need, our expert team in the field produces professional solutions with current technologies.

Customized Software Solutions

After conducting the necessary analyses for software specific to your organization, we prepare the most suitable solutions in a fast, efficient, and reliable manner.

Platform-Independent, UX-Oriented High-Performance Software

The software developed by Indivitech is designed to be platform-independent, ensuring operability on all types of devices.

While developing software solutions, we prioritize user experience.


Indivibook is a cloud-based platform developed to go beyond traditional e-books, aiming to publish content enriched with multimedia tools such as video, audio, and images.